Leeds Uni Freshers’ Fair

Did you miss us at Freshers’ Fair? We certainly missed you.

But not to worry, because here are the highlights!

‘Oh no, she’s taking a photo of us… quick, look busy!’ Photo credit: Anna Woolman

Here’s our ‘What’s on’ Flier:


Here’s our GM crop debate flier:


We’re really excited about this one – it’s the start of a series of debates, where we get in experts to talk about a topical issue in science, with plenty of time for questions!

Do make sure you come along, and do get in touch if there are topics you’d like to hear about in the future!

And, excitingly… the science Quiz! Put together by Jo Robinson. If you weren’t able to fill it in then, maybe you’d like to try your hand now…

Photo credit: Anna Woolman

What did Leeds scientist Joseph Priestly discover?

a) A new type of sea creature

b) Oxygen

c) A planet

Which is the largest planet in our solar system?

a) Saturday

b) Neptune

c) Jupiter

How is deoxyribonucleic acid better known?

a) Oxy

b) Amylase

c) DNA

What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?

a) Omega

b) Epsilon

c) Tau

What is the name given to the protective blanket of gasses which surround the earth?

a) Hydrosphere

b) Ozone layer

c) Atmosphere

Congratulations to Ash Milliard – you are the glorious winner! (And, incidentally, one of only TWO people who got them all right. How embarrassed are the rest of you feeling right now?…)

And some more photos:

‘You see, I know you only came over for the free chocolate, but I really think you’d like to be signed up to our mailing list…’                                           Photo credit: Anna Woolman
‘No way, you love science? I love science too!’ Photo credit: Anna Woolman
Oh boy, that C6H12O6 sure looks good…                              Photo credit: Anna Woolman

Last but not least, the puns…

The name’s bond… Hydrogen bond.

How do you organise a space party? You planet.

Never trust an atom. They make everything up.