Delightful to meet you!

How do you do?

It was lovely to meet you all at our introductory meeting on Tuesday. Especially when we know how hard it is to navigate all the various department buildings on campus, and then somehow sneak through the closed-after-5pm doors! So – we really appreciate your effort.


And what a great brainstorming session! Ideas for fundraising, events and outreach… watch out Leeds, we’re gonna make ’em happen!

You know a fundraising activity is good when it requires a picture to describe exactly what it entails…
QUIZ! Did you think if you wrote it big and bold we’d notice it more? YOU WERE RIGHT!
You’re right, that does say ‘BRAINZ!!’. No, it’s not a joke – there are neuroscientists amongst us…

Thanks for your help, everyone! Sure hope you had enough biscuits, too.

Pun time.

What did the orange squash say to the orange juice?

….I’m diluted to meet you!


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